Windshield Repair

A chipped windshield is something every car owner at some point during his or her car ownership will have to deal with. Good news is that some of these windshields can be saved by simply repairing the chip. Even better news is that it costs less to repair than to replace so most insurance companies will wave your deductible if you opt to repair and your out of pocket cost will be zero.

However, not all repairs are created equal, and certainly not all chips are suitable for repair. Sometimes the type, size, and location of the chip make it unrepairable, and sometimes state and local laws and regulations require a windshield to be replaced rather than repaired.

You can depend on our knowledgeable experts and installers to advise you of your options so that laws are not violated and your vehicle’s safety is not compromised.

Our mobile service will come to your home or to your place of business and examine the chip. To save time they will also bring along a replacement glass just in case. If it is determined that the chip is repairable, our experienced installers will do so and bill your insurance company directly. Our installers have an average of 10 years of experience in repairing windshields so you can rest assured they will do a great job, and as always, their work is fully guaranteed.

And if it turns out that the chip is not repairable and a new windshield is required, you will not lose any of your valuable time because the replacement glass will already be there and you will be taken care of right away. Our installers use Dow adhesives on new windshield installations to ensure the safety of the windshield, the driver, and the precious cargo that the vehicle may carry.

Give us a call or send us e-mail, and we will come to you. Whether repaired or replaced, we guarantee our work and will get you safely back on the road.